As trucking professional, we respect the importance of special delivery options. Obviously, there’s no “one-truck-fits-all” solution. When you’re shipping cargo to a job site, you should know the right truck for your needs. The wrong method could lead to inconvenient complications; and they can damage your freight.
At Amac Logistics, we take no shortcuts. We insist on providing the best truck for each job. Before dispatching drivers, we determine which truck is best for the project. Like carpenters, truckers need the best possible tool for the job. We have a diverse fleet with several special trucks for fast, stress-free delivery.


Unlike flatbed trucks, dry van trucks are the best option for transporting fragile merchandise. Furthermore, the sealed container protects freight from the elements. Essentially, this ensures that we keep your freight safe.


Dry van trucking is the standard long-distance trucking method. As a premium logistics company, we understand the importance of safety when it comes to freight.

Freight like steel beams can withstand exposure to the elements. However, lumber and other palletized materials on a flatbed truck needs protection from the outdoors. Naturally, dry vans will keep your freight safe from rain, wind, moisture, heat, and other conditions. We offer dry vans that are 28, 48, and 53 feet long. After docking, a forklift easily removes this freight. Additionally, expert operators can drive into the dry van for removal.

The fully enclosed and protected environment makes dry van shipping ideal for transporting goods. Basically, this means flooring, office furniture, rugs, electrical equipment, and other weather-sensitive materials. Usually, these materials are transported to the site after initial construction is finished.

Additionally, dry vans are ideal for transporting palletized materials that can’t be exposed to the elements on flatbed trailers. And, our forklift trucks can load and unload these materials with ease.


  • Appliances
  • Building Materials
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Rugs
  • Easily Movable Machinery


Amac Logistics has earned its reputation as an elite New York trucking company because of our unwavering commitment to on-time shipping and customer-first approach. With a focus on shipping materials and machinery to union job sites, we have years of experience in delivering freight safely and on-time.
To provide our customers with the best service possible, we tailor our delivery method based on the specific freight. Logistics experts handle freight shipping to a NYC union job site differently depending on the packaging. Our wide-ranging fleet of trucks is fully capable of satisfying any delivery needs, including final mile delivery from a warehouse to the job site.
With over ten years of NYC union delivery experience, our drivers are dedicated to keeping your freight safe and your building timeline on-track. As union members, our drivers can access job sites in a faster and more efficient manner.


Flatbed trucks are cabs that connect with long, uncovered, horizontal beds. These beds have a variety of uses. First and foremost, flatbed trucks can transport palletized freight like tiles, bricks, or other construction materials. Overweight or oversized freight, like machinery, can also be mounted on flatbed trucks.


Once a delivery truck arrives on your union job site, you want the freight unloaded as quickly as possible. Flatbed truck transport services consistently make this a reality.

Flatbed trailers are primarily used by drivers to transport construction materials in bulk, such as large PVC pipes, large quantities of steel sheets, rebar, and other stackable materials. Bundles or pallets of this material can be secured using straps, allowing for a safe and uneventful delivery. The flatbed trailer allows easy access for a crane or forklift to instantly remove the freight. Unloading is quick, simple, and limits the number of people involved, keeping your construction team occupied.

Some of the freight we transport by flatbed:

  • Palletized materials
  • Crated machinery
  • Lumber
  • Steel Sheets
  • Statues
  • Vehicles
  • Forklifts
  • Stone or Granite Slabs

And much more! Amac Logistics makes the unload process simple, safe, and entirely machine-dependent

What are refrigerated trucks?

Amac Logistics has temperature-controlled refrigerated trucking transportation services for those shipments that must be refrigerated during transport, such as lab samples, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals and the like. Our transportation services will transport your packages so you never have to worry about your packages arriving on time.There are countless details involved with carrying perishable freight, and we are extremely well-versed in all aspects. While other transportation companies have limitations to what and where they transport, our vehicles are available to move anything from a single box to six full size skids anywhere you need them to go.

Once your goods are on our trucks, you can rest assured that they’ll reach their destination as soon as possible. We’re highly experienced in temperature-controlled transportation and only hire drivers who meet our expectations for excellence. By taking advantage of the services we offer, you will have a large-scale shipping and cold storage solutionsin your region. Whether you need to get your homestyle ice cream to the local grocery store or transport frozen meat to an out-of-state processing plant, our team will go the extra mile for you. Contact us to discuss the logistics of your goals.

What is Heavy Hauling?

At Amac Logistics, we don’t just think outside the box, we live there. If you need to ship items that won’t fit on standard flatbeds – even things that can’t fit in a single highway lane – we’re the ones to call for your heavy haul or specialized trucking needs. Given our multitude of axle configurations, we have the capacity to haul heavy haul trucking loads up to 400,000 pounds. And if your heavy haul load needs to cross several state lines, invoking countless different regulations from more government agencies than you can count? No problem. Our team of permit experts and logistics specialists can navigate the red tape as well as the roads, ensuring that your shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition. If it’s a tough job, it’s a Amac Logistics job. Our commitment to meet customer needs in the Heavy Haul Trucking sector has driven us to pursue specific equipment acquisitions such as:

  • Drop deck Extendable
  • Double drop Extendable
  • 9-13 Axle configurations
  • Double Neck Super 13 axle
  • 19 Axle configurations
  • Dual Lane Dollie systems

Our Heavy Haul Transportation and Specialized Transport Division consistently ranks as one the top specialized carriers in the nation. With this expertise, we are looking forward to the opportunity to move your high, wide and heavy haul shipments in the very near future.

Navigating the Seas of Commerce

Is your business expanding into international waters? This means you need solid knowledge of ocean shipping. Amac Logistics offers two modes of ocean freight: LCL (less-than container load) and FCL (full container load). Which one is best for you and your company? Let’s take a look at each.

Ocean LCL Shipping

Flatbed trucks are cabs that connect with long, uncovered, horizontal beds. These beds have a variety of uses. First and foremost, flatbed trucks can transport palletized freight like tiles, bricks, or other construction materials. Overweight or oversized freight, like machinery, can also be mounted on flatbed trucks.