Amac Logistics, Serving the Americas

Terms and Conditions
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Amac Logistics (herein referred to as AMAC) terms and conditions supersedes any/all Bills of Landing, invoices, or packing slips used as shipping invoices by a customer for the express purpose of moving product from point of origin to point of destination. This includes all carriers and their agent's bills of landing that carry the property herein or perform any other services incidental to such carriage on behalf of AMAC.
All shipments are subject to inspection for any reason deemed necessary by AMAC or its carriers.
AMAC will not be responsible for any loss or damage pertaining to acts of God, including but not limited to floods, fire, earthquake, mud slides and lightning, acts of public enemy, riots or strikes, acts of public authority, the act or default of the shipper or owner, or the inherent nature of the goods.
AMAC will not be responsible for loss of profit due to delay, shortage or damage
AMAC will not be liable for consequential damages. Including but not limited to duties paid, air freight charges for replacement orders, fees or penalties due to job or production shut-downs which result from on-time service failure or any other special or unusual monetary damages not listed herein.
AMAC does not have the ability or control to direct the actions of the Government Liquidation site staff regarding loading practices, loading sequence and waiting time. AMAC is not responsible for damage or shortage that occurs as a result of Government Liquidation employees actions at the time of loading. Shipper load and count applies in all cases.
Pricing is based on weights and dimensions as listed on the Government Liquidation web site. Changes in size, weight, quantities may require price adjustment.
Carriers engaged by AMAC maximum claim liability for the following commodities is not to exceed $.10 per pound: glass and or glass products, ceramic items, porcelain products, medical supplies, rugs, oriental carpets, auto and or motorcycle parts, engines of any kind, used or refurbished machinery or electronics, perfume or perfume products, toilet preparations, cosmetics, furniture of any kind, personal effects, plastic articles, shipments described as FAK, unpackaged items, coupons, aluminum casting or alloys, marble, animal skins, textiles, fabric, cloth (uncut), printed matter, books, paper products, salvage or surplus items.
Restricted Articles: Antiques, articles of extraordinary value, artwork, bills of exchange, bonds, bullion, coins, coin-operated games, corpses, cyanides, sulfides, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, furs, fur or fur-trimmed clothing, cut or un-cut gems, hazardous materials, jewelry, money, narcotics, pearls, precious metals, securities, stamps, postage or revenue, watches or time pieces. If any of the above shipments are tendered and accepted inadvertently, the maximum liability for loss or damage will default to a maximum $.10 per pound.
10. Two (2) hours of free time will be allowed for loading and/or unloading. Upon expiration of this free time period, detention charges shall accrue at $150.00 per hour, or fraction thereof.
11. Undelivered or unclaimed shipments shall be subject to storage charges of $.50 per pound or a minimum of $45.00 per day, whichever is higher. Charges will begin the date the customer has been offered a shipment for delivery and through through no fault of AMAC or its agent shipment is either refused or unclaimed.
12. Any unclaimed or refused shipments which are not resolved within 48 hours of notification will have an undelivered freight notice issued. This notice will be delivered via certified mail to the shipper (owner of the goods) and consignee for disposition. If disposition is not received within 14 days of receipt of notice the goods will be subject to disposal or auction.
13. Claims for loss or damage must be filed in writing with the delivering carrier.
14. All freight charges must be paid prior to claims being processed.
15. AMAC will NOT accept collect on delivery shipments, known as COD.
16. AMAC will NOT handle hazardous materials of any kind.
Should a shipment be tendered without disclosure, shipper indemnifies AMAC and its carriers against any and all claims caused by such goods tendered. Any and all documentation and all charges related to return or warehouse shipment will be at shippers expense.
17. AMAC will add a 3% service charge on all credit charge transactions.
18. Payment for transactions that exceed $2,000.00 will be subject to wire transfer or cashiers check payment methods.
19. Trucks ordered and not used through no fault of AMAC will be billed at $350.00 per event