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Contract Management
The ability to pull all rates and tariffs into one database and support multiple facilities, modes, and carriers. Estimated savings of 10% reduction in administration costs.

This is where you can begin... We have the tools to make it happen!
Contract Management gives you the ability to record all transportation providers contracts, in a single system, well orgnaized, with easy access.

Maintaining accurate rates prevents many costly errors from carrier selection to freight payment.

The complexity of today's rates and tariffs makes it literally impossible to properly audit a freight bill in traditional accounts payable systems.

Studies have shown that the internal costs to pay a manual freight bill can exceed $10.00 per transaction.

Optimize Carrier Selection
Automates carrier comparison and show you your options on one screen, based on your rules and needs (Cost, Service, Time, Etc.). Estimated 5-10% Annual Freight Expense.

Shipment Execution / Track, Trace & Communicate
You have optimized your carrier selection. Now you can automate the transaction as well as establish who receives status updates. Estimated 2-5% Savings.

Automated Carrier Selection Based on YOUR RULES!
The selection of least cost carrier can yield savings without adversely effecting customer service. Out system pulls all your carrier rates and services on the requested lane into a single system. It will list based on the criteria YOU select. WIth the use of our web-based TMS System, we can furnish various types of automation and send status updates to virtually anyone you choose. Various departments can be kept in the transaction loop at all times.

Shipment Audit and Tariff Negotiation
Are you paying what you should be paying? Eliminate multiple bills. Do your current rates support your business activity? We can help. AMAC Logistics can help with tariff negotiations.
8% Estimated Savings based on Historical Data.

Because there are a multitude of factors taht apply to the correct rating, we recommend our partner freight audit company as a great solution. They have over 50 years expertise in this area, so you can relax and focus on your area of expertise.

Areas of Concern:

NMFC Classification
Mileage Charges
Service Failures
Re-Weigh Charges