Amac Logistics, Serving the Americas

NMFC Classification
The proper NMFC classification must be entered for each rate quote and listed on each bill of lading to insure proper rating. If this information is not entered correctly on the bill of lading and the carrier selected rates your shipment at a different class, Amac Logistics will not be able to dispute such bills with the selected carrier.
If you are not sure what your correct classification should be please contact your account representative for assistance.
Other Factors That May Affect Your Rate
Any shipment that is 10k or over or occupies more than 12 feet of trailer space. - Contact Amac direct for spot quote capability. Any shipment containing more that 6 skids. – Contact Amac direct for spot quote capability.
It is understood that all carrier tariff rules of the carrier selected are in effect and must be adhered to by Amac Logistics.

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